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Use courses and projects in the Skills Network catalog in your class or let your students explore and learn on their own. In our catalog you will find courses and guided projects for all levels and they are available with one-click installation into your portal.

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Machine Learning.From text recognition to self-driving cars and beyond.

Serverless computing.Ditch traditional servers and deploy apps in the cloud.

Blockchain.A database that stores data in blocks that are chained together.

Cloud computing.The delivery of on-demand computing services.

Edge computing.Perform computations geographically closer to the data to improve performance.

Microservices.Learn to build applications as a collection of loosely coupled services.

IoT.The network of physical objects and things.

Containers.Build, test, and run apps in an isolated environment.


Jupyter.The free and open source computational notebook.


Docker.Separate your apps from your infrastructure.


Kubernetes.An open-source platform for managing containerized workloads and services.


OpenShift.Enterprise-ready Kubernetes container platform for any cloud environment.


Node-RED.Tool used to wire together hardware devices.


Theia.An open, flexible and extensible Cloud & Desktop IDE platform.


RStudio.An IDE for R that provides free and open source tools for data scientists.

Help your students learn hands-on and go beyond the classroom

Organize events, competitions, hackathons, and more. Do it for your school or partner industry and other academic institutions. Provide your students with tools for hands-on learning to gain both knowledge and practical skills.

Hosted and fully managed

We'll make sure everything is running while you focus on upskilling your students.

Learn what you want

Build learning journeys using courses and guided projects from the Skills Network catalog with the click of a button.

Built for teams

Top-notch collaborative learning tools, from integrated video conferencing to an internal hackathon framework.


Learn by doing—not by memorizing. Skills Network Labs lets your students use tools like JupyterLab, Cloud IDE, Zeppelin, Computer Vision Studio, Datasette, RStudio and more. All available at the press of a button.

Real-world tools used by the most innovative companies

No sandboxes, no emulators. Your students work in an isolated environment with tools like Cloud IDE, JupyterLab, OpenShift, Docker, Kubernetes, RStudio and more.

Build, test and experiment with code all from the web browser

SN Labs are accessible with one click. Get started right away with no dependency conflicts, no download and no installation process.

Never lose your progress

Persistent sessions make sure your students' progress is never lost. Come back a day or a month later and pick up right where you left off.

Deployment strategies that fit your needs

Your institutional portal can be self-hosted on OpenShift or used as a SaaS product through a web browser.

skills network labs environment

Hands-on experience with our Skills Network Labs Cloud IDE tool through the browser.

Remote learning made easy. The Skills Network Virtual Classroom has everything you need to setup online lectures or classroom discussions calls from shared whiteboards to breakout rooms and much more.

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skills network labs environment

Have your students go through an exciting hackathon to get hands on experience and bring out their creativity. Set up internal events and hackathons for your students in 15 minutes or less.


Configure your students experience through the Portal's admin dashboard. Here you will be able to select courses, setup competitions, view statistics and much more.

Portal Admin Dashboard Page

Recognition for completing courses and learning paths. Certificates and badges that are branded with your logo and/or the IBM logo serve as proof that a skill has been acquired.

View my verified achievement from @IBM

python for data science

Just finished "Deep Learning using TensorFlow" by @IBM

deep learning

Data Science Fundamentals completed! Thanks @IBM


What you get with a Skills Network Portal

Focus on building the skills that are essential to your platform and let us handle scaling and infrastructure.

Video conferencing

Your Virtual Classroom comes with all the features you expect in a video conferencing tool.

Subscription to top-notch content

Immediate access to our catalog—a growing library of courses & guided projects.

Publish your own content

Publish, modify and author your own courses & guided projects for your users with the integrated CMS.

Hands-on learning environment

Use Skills Network Labs in your browser with just one click.

Badges and certificates

Issue badges and certificates to recognize your users achievements.

Internal Competitions

Set up internal competitions and hackathons from inside your portal.

Dedicated support

Whenever you need help, we're just a Slack message or email away.

Event scheduling & management

Organize in-person & virtual events with your students through your Skills Network portal.

Virtual Assistant powered by Watson

Set up a virtual assistant for your portal to provide support to students.


Conventional learning platforms put the emphasis on memorizing content. At Skills Network, we're focused on helping your educational organization to teach relevant skills that will build prosperous careers.

With Skills Network...

Students learn through hands-on observation, practical application & experimentation.

With Skills Network...

Learning is centered around the learner.

With Skills Network...

You decide what your students should learn using courses from our catalog and your own.

Complete integration with your instition virtual environment. Portals are made to work in conjunction with your existing systems.

Single Sign On (SSO)

LMS & CMS Services

User Support Services

Custom Domain

Trusted by millions of students and hundreds of organizations.

Join the teams that are extending their resources to their students.



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